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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Jeremiah, I'm hanging from a tree. If you can cut me down from where you are please do. Be strong. Don't let the birds pick at you. When you hear me cry, cover your ears, it will only be for a moment.

Pick up two rocks from the floor and bang them together. You will see that the sound travels only so far.

I'm afraid that the world is much too small for us.

You are beautiful the way that you are. If you can carry my body to a flat field, then i give you permission to leave me there. Continue onward without looking back. Run if you have to. Go on and do the things that I never had courage to do. Do not fear the devil. Do not fear any other man. Fear only your reflection in the water and leave a fire burning.

There is another child out there waiting for you.... the same way you waited for me.

I'm dizzy. Get me to my bed. When i speak blood spills from my mouth. My heart beat is slowing. I hear children singing in the other room. I smell crushed flowers. I fear I am becoming lighter. There is an owl outside my window.

Queen Jane. A black dog with an extra pair of eyes painted on his forehead. A fetus in a basket, floating down the river. Grace, do not travel far.

I am looking forwarding to sleeping finally.

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